Jimmy Kimmel Tweaks Donald Trump’s 3 Phases To Reopen The Economy

Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday addressed the president’s three-phase comeback plan for the economy during the coronavirus pandemic that involves gradually relaxing social distancing guidelines. But the talk show host heard the details a little differently.

“He laid out three major steps for restarting the economy: Phase 1: Open the golf courses. Phase 2: Open hotels that rhyme with hump. And No. 3: All restaurants that serve food in buckets or in the form of nuggets are good to go.”

Kimmel also skewered Trump for being “determined to reopen this country like a bankrupt casino” and for backing off his authoritarian claim that he had the power to order states to get back to business.

“He went from ‘I call the shots’ to ‘You do you, whatever.’” 

Watch the monologue above.

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